WELCOME from the STEPS Grand Marshall

Steps For Students 2018

THANK YOU for helping us make the 14th annual Steps for Students a HUGE success for our Catholic schools! Steps for Students is not only the largest community event hosted by Catholics in the city of Houston, it is also the BEST event for our students to see how the community supports them and their schools. The unity that is felt for this effort and the solidarity that is built at the actual event is completely and totally AMAZING!

Steps for Students is near and dear to my heart as it is the largest event that publically supports Catholic education in our state, and maybe even the nation! It is because we love our Catholic schools and want to help transform our students into disciples of Jesus Christ that the enormity of this event has such an incredible impact on the community.

With over 12,000 supporters last year and hopefully more this year, the ability for us to evangelize and promote the diversity of our schools to those attending and those observing is awesome.

Our goal is that every school participates with enthusiasm and gusto in Steps for Students! I hope that you will encourage more families to attend the event this year so that we can show our pride in our Catholic faith and Catholic schools! I look forward to seeing you there!

In Him we trust,

Debra Haney, M. Ed.
Secretariate Director and Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Steps for Students Grand Marshall